Currently seeking those of all skill levels who are interested in becoming Glampyre TestLab Knitters. 
Once I've written a pattern, I want to make sure that it's easy to understand, easy to follow, and yields desired results for all variations and sizes before resleasing it.
In exchange for your time, you will recieve a free, corrected, perfect copy of the pattern you've chosen to test knit, as well as a free copy of any one other Glampyre Knits pattern.  You will recieve this pattern after you've sent in your comments and a photo of your finished piece for the
Glampyre TestLab Gallery.
*At this time, I am unable to pay Test Knitters or to donate the yarn for these projects.*
(The number of test knitters needed will vary from project-to-project.)

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TestLab: Scarf gallery

TestLab: Tube Gallery