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How to knit continental style

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Spring Knitty 2006

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Winter Knitty 2005

The Cold Shoulder
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MagKnits Warm 2005

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Knitty Winter 2004

MagKnits Chilly 2004

Bad Penny
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Knitty Spring 2004

Paris Loop
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MagKnits Warm 2004

Paris Loop FAQ

Sound System Snugglers
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Knitty Winter 2003

Postmodern Legwarmers
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Knitty Spring 2003

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Raglan from the top down
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Boob Tube
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Felted Tote
And Mitered Bottom
With Skulls

DIY Knitting Needles
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Make some!

Beaded Stitch Markers
Stitch Markers
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Striped Raglan From the Bottom Up
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Charted Images
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Covering Beads to Make Buttons
Knitting Button Covers
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